GenSynth Documentation

Upgrade from 1.12.x Notes

If you are using the gensynth_deploy_scripts or Quick Install methods of running GenSynth, note that the location of the configuration files folder has been moved from gensynth -internals/var_lib_gensynth to gensynth-workspace/config. New jobs will place config files in the workspace.

Version 1.13.x uses a new database schema version 2.0.0 that is incompatible with earlier software versions. Update all components together.

Starting with GenSynth 1.13, the PostgreSQL container (e.g., darwinai/gensynth-db:1.13.0-pg) contains an upgrade script that will check the current version and attempt to upgrade it. So if you have shutdown a previous container version and started the new container version using the same database files, you can easily upgrade like this.

To discover if upgrades are available, run:


If you wish to perform a single stage of upgrade, run:

/gensynth-schema-upgrade/ --yes

If you wish to run all available upgrades in sequence, run:

/gensynth-schema-upgrade/ --all

Read the output to see if any errors have occurred.