GenSynth Documentation

Resolved Issues

This section lists issues that have been resolved in the GenSynth 1.15.x series of releases.

GenSynth 1.15.0

  • DE-5996—Unclear error when wrong input keys are configured for a job.

  • DE-6000—Improve Error Messages for Mismatching Input Keys for Metric Entity.

  • DE-6003—Progress > 100% in Inquire Stage For Layer Fusion jobs.

  • DE-6115—Unhandled error during Edge Build in squeezedet_kitti2d model (KeyError on drop11/mul:0).

  • DE-6118—Unhandled error in Edge Build of squeezeseg_smallkittilidar_functest, related to strides of DepthwiseConv2dNative.

  • DE-6126—Multi-process GenSynth deadlock may occur during Edge Build.

  • DE-6140—Very simple models may fail with a SchemaError when channel divisor is not default value (4) and Improve Input Model is disabled.

  • DE-6144—When detected class number is of type float and provides a value greater or equal to the number of classes in the Explain section, GenSynth crashes.

  • GSP-1483—Entity names of only spaces are not handled properly. These are now prevented.

  • GSP-1486—Spaces at the end of Entity titles prevent draft/versions from loading. These are now prevented.

  • GSP-1488—Unsaved changes popup modal displays twice after clicking 'Don't save'.

  • ZOO-129 —Imagenet_builder/ cannot handle a customized number of shards.