GenSynth Documentation

Resolved Issues

This section lists issues that have been resolved in the GenSynth 1.17.x series of releases.

Release Notes 1.17.0

  • DE-6221—When iteration 0 of a cycle has a NaN accuracy metric and the cycle does not crash, it is treated as the best accuracy.

  • GDQ-1628—Using deploy scripts with root and multi-machines fails to start—cannot find license file.

  • GDQ-1714—Update image packages to address security vulnerabilities.

  • GDQ-1770—Packages may not install due to expire signatures: unable to perform apt-get update.

  • GSP-1526— On a smaller browser window, form field titles may be partially obscured where forms are stacked vertically.  

  • GSP-1536 —UI version info should NOT be cachable.