GenSynth Documentation

Upgrade Notes

Upgrade from 1.14 Notes

If you have entities that start or end with spaces, or are entirely spaces, rename them before upgrading.

Upgrade from 1.12.x Notes

Upgrade from 1.14.x notes also apply.

If you are using the gensynth_deploy_scripts or Quick Install methods of running GenSynth, note that the location of the configuration files folder has been moved from gensynth -internals/var_lib_gensynth to gensynth-workspace/config. New jobs will place config files in the workspace.

Version 1.13.x uses a new database schema version 2.0.0 that is incompatible with earlier software versions. Update all components together.

Starting with GenSynth 1.13, the PostgreSQL container (e.g., darwinai/gensynth-db:1.13.0-pg) contains an upgrade script that will check the current version and attempt to upgrade it. So if you have shutdown a previous container version and started the new container version using the same database files, you can easily upgrade like this.

To discover if upgrades are available, run:


If you wish to perform a single stage of upgrade, run:

/gensynth-schema-upgrade/ --yes

If you wish to run all available upgrades in sequence, run:

/gensynth-schema-upgrade/ --all

Read the output to see if any errors have occurred.