GenSynth Documentation

What are GenSynth Resource Packages?

GenSynth resource packages are easy-to-use collections of valuable technical materials designed by the DarwinAI team to help you accelerate your model development within GenSynth. From ready-to-go Model Builder packages to make it easy to build high-performance models from scratch in GenSynth, to Tutorial packages to guide to how best to use GenSynth for developing models for different tasks, GenSynth resource packages help remove the guesswork in creating custom models fit for your task and operational targets. GenSynth resource packages fall into the following categories:

  • Datasets

  • Dataset Builders

  • Model Checkpoints

  • Model Checkpoint Builders

  • Tutorials

  • Documentation Examples

  • Utilities

  • Performance Metrics

Specific documentation for each package is found in a accompanying each package.