GenSynth Documentation

Starting a New Job

Now that you have your entities in place, it's time to actually create and run your job.

Job and Entities

On the New Job tab, you will first need to give your model a name. Once you have done that, choose the GPU(s) you want to use for this job.


Next you will select your Entities from the drop-downs. For Model, select Simpnet (Use with CIFAR-10). For your Dataset, choose CIFAR-10 (Tutorial).


Model and Metrics

In the Model section you indicate how dataset fields are to be attached to model input tensors.

For the Data Key "image", select ph_images:0.

For the Data Key "label", select ph_labels:0.


Next, in Metrics. choose your primary performance metric from the drop-down. Choose the acc accuracy metric, which is defined as a tensor for the SimpNet model.


Click Continue to progress.

Learn and Build

This final section helps you determine how GenSynth will learn during the process and how it will build. In the Learn section, Enter 5 in the Max Epochs field. Leave everything else at the default for now. When you are creating your own jobs, consult this article for parameter definitions.


In the Build section, also leave everything in its default state.


Click Start Job to start the job.

Congratulations! You've created a job. You can view your job on the Home page while it is running, or on the History page at any time.