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Model Details

From a running model on the Home tab or from any model on the History tab, you can access a details screen by clicking the image4.png button in the Actions column.

On this screen, there are four tabs for viewing results. In the top right-hand corner you will find the Configuration button and the Trash Can. Using the trash can will stop the job.

The default tab is the Overview tab, which displays a table containing a row per cycle.


Use the Columns drop-down menu to choose the information you want to display.

On the left side is a diagram of the stage transitions (completed, in-progress, and to be done) required to complete the cycle. Completed stages are blue; in-progress stages are orange, and grey indicates future stages:

  • Initialize Only used in Cycle 0, this stage initializes the baseline model and establishes initial metrics.

  • Generate Generates a new model.

  • Prepare—Computes model statistics and performance based on the provided performance metric.

  • Update—Updates parameters and identifies the best model based on the performance metric. This phase does not exist for Cycle 0.

  • Test—Computes the final test performance of the best model.

  • Inquire—Analyzes the model to learn its behavior and informs the next cycle's Generate phase.

  • Done—The cycle has completed.

On the bottom, you can see the start and stop times of each stage.


If you click the image15.png button to the right of the model, you can access more information about each job related to your model, including start/end times and exit details.

If you have branched or fine-tuned your model, the job info panel lets you access all related jobs:


Clicking the image51.png button shows you the information for the selected job in the main window.

If you click on the ellipsis, you will see a menu with several options for the cycle.


Edge Build

Using Edge Build

Fine Tune

Fine-Tuning a Job

New Job

Using New Job (Branching)


Select this option to delete the cycle.

Get Model Archive

Using the Downloaded Model