GenSynth Documentation


On the Reports tab, you have two options in the drop-down.

To see a single model, select Cycle Comparison and then select the model name you are interested in. You will then be shown a scatter plot of where different models lie in terms of accuracy and NetScore+. The dot size represents the number of trainable parameters.



As a deep learning researcher, you can use GenSynth visualization tools to intuitively understand the trade-offs between multiple models.

Hover over a data point for details:


To compare multiple models, select Network Comparison. This option shows you up to 10 models in the same scatter plot.


To add the first model, you can click anywhere in the selection area to activate the list of models. To add a second or subsequent model, you must click on the word Model to activate the list of models.


As with the Cycle Comparison chart, hover over a data point for more details.