GenSynth Documentation

Monitoring Jobs

While the job is running, multiple cycles are created. You can evaluate cycles when they complete.

Running jobs are on the Home tab:


All jobs are shown on the History tab. Click on the job to see trend charts. This process is just getting started, so there are only two points of performance:


The next screenshot is further along, showing trends in performance, the number of trainable parameters, and FLOPs. You can hover over points to see their values:


Note that while GenSynth is running, the information on the user interface updates approximately once per minute.

Once a job completes, it is no longer visible on the Home tab. You may only view it on the History tab.


Results generated and shared by your team members are archived on the History tab. You can track progress over time and in one place.

If you click on theimage11.png icon, you will arrive at the View Details page. Here you will find a real-time progress meter that shows you the job’s status.