GenSynth Documentation

Viewing Failed Actions

Choosing Incomplete Actions from the user drop-down, will take you to the Incomplete Actions page.


This page shows you all incomplete actions. Incomplete actions can be failed jobs or those that have been scheduled but have not yet run pending resource availability.


Clicking on the View Config clipboard button will take you to the job’s configuration page. From there you can click Unlock for Editing to fix the configuration problems and submit the job again. (You will need to choose a new Job Name.)

You can delete jobs that are scheduled, but have not yet started running, by clicking on the trash can.

If a job has failed, and GenSynth knows why the failure has occurred, there will be a message in the Details column. Expand the text with theimage61.pngbutton to view the entire message.


GenSynth reports on causes of failures that it can identify:

  • The job’s name is not unique.

  • Expected rows or parameters are missing in the configuration file.

  • Configuration is incompatible with the network or dataset.

  • Etc.

GenSynth cannot identify the causes of failures resulting from external forces:

  • The hardware rebooted.

  • There was a power failure.

  • The operating system terminated the process.

  • Etc.