GenSynth Documentation

Using Edge Build

Using Edge Build lets GenSynth build a model with a new and more efficient network architecture optimized for edge devices. Ideally you will receive the same or better level of performance, but there is a chance that you may see a slight decline in performance as GenSynth optimizes for faster and smaller topologies tailored for edge devices.

To use Edge Build, select it from the View Details image11.png drop-down menu for your model.


Select the Aggression Level (Level 1 is least aggressive, Level 3 is most aggressive) to determine how aggressive GenSynth is when generating an edge-optimized model. You may want to try adjusting this level on a case-by-case basis if the generated edge-optimized model exhibits a greater decline in performance than desired. If you wish, you can enter the number of fine-tune iterations you want and select your learning rate. We recommend leaving these blank to allow GenSynth to automatically learn the best settings. Additionally, you can choose your GPUs/CPUs for the job.