GenSynth Documentation

Creating Teams

To create a team, click on your username in the title bar and choose My Teams from the drop-down. From here you can create a new team or modify an existing one, provided you are listed as an administrator.

To add a team, click on the Add button (image39.png). A text box will appear where you can enter a name for your team, choose who can administer your team, and add members to your team. If you access the Team Permissions tab on the View Details screen and you are not part of a team, the Add button will be present.

Give your team a name. Since you are the team creator, you are automatically part of the Team Owners group. When you click in the Team Owners and Team Members areas, a list of all available GenSynth users becomes available for you to select from.


Click Create to complete your team set up.


You have to be a part of a team before you can share your model with a team.

If you need to edit or delete your team, there are Edit and Delete options at the bottom of the team window.