GenSynth Documentation

Working with Queued Jobs

When you create new jobs while other jobs are running, they will reside in the queue until GPUs/CPUs become available to run them.

The number of active and queued jobs for each GPU/CPU is available to you next to each GPU/CPU resource in the Job section of the New Job tab. If that resource has no active or queued jobs, it is available for immediate use.


If there are active jobs and queued jobs, you will want to take a look at the Incomplete Actions before choosing your GPUs/CPUs to determine the best configuration for your job.


On this page you can see your jobs, public jobs, and jobs that have been shared specifically with you. The page shows jobs queued, scheduled to start, and failed to start; jobs that have been successfully started are moved to the History tab.


The earliest queued job is always the next to be run, which will happen when all of its required GPU/CPU resources become available.The queue is never reordered.