GenSynth Documentation

To quickly launch the minimal set of GenSynth containers, use the script. (First create a configuration override file.) You can choose to do this singly or to also install templates at the same time. --config override --config-override --install templates

It by default sets GENSYNTH_ROOT to where resides, unless overridden by--root argument.

It makes these directories if they do not already exist:

  1. GENSYNTH_ROOT/gensynth-internals—This folder hosts:

    1. _home_local_share_data_bconf—This is where GenSynth stores its license.

    2. gensynth-etc—This is where GenSynth stores the API and web configs.

    3. pgsql_db_store—This is where GenSynth stores its database.

  2. GENSYNTH_WORKSPACE_PATH—This is where GenSynth stores logs, input data, and output models.

  3. GENSYNTH_PACKAGE_REPO—This is normally where you would put packages to be installed.

This script overwrites these files:

  • GENSYNTH_ROOT/gensynth-etc/gensynth/config.yaml

  • GENSYNTH_ROOT/gensynth-etc/api-config.json

  • GENSYNTH_ROOT/gensynth-etc/web-config.json

  • GENSYNTH_ROOT/docker-compose.yml